Vacation Rental Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors ensuring success in the hospitality business. More than luxury, many guests and travelers would much rather have a clean home to rent for their vacation. Your business depends on your vacation rental being sanitary and we think getting professional help can prove to be a game-changer for you.

If you regularly rent out vacation homes, you definitely don’t have the time to be personally cleaning after single checkout. As a professional cleaning service in Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach & Surrounding Areas, Eco Natural Cleaning can help you get your rental home ready ahead of every check-in. Our expertise will surely help your business soar to new heights. Here’s how:

Property maintenance

Neglected properties deteriorate with time. If you’ve got guests coming in regularly, the cleaning part does not keep up with the inflow. If it doesn’t, it won’t be long before you see visible changes in the property, and not of the good kind.

Higher rental charges

When you offer better quality services, you can charge higher than your competitors. For a vacation home that feels untouched, your guests would surely be more than willing to pay a greater amount.

Better reviews

Wherever you read guest reviews, you’ll always find a point given or deducted for cleanliness and hygiene. If it’s a point you can get, then why let it go by being negligent? Good online reviews are the best indicators of one’s business.

Generate more customers

People talk, be it with friends or online. Your guests will tell everyone about the dreamy vacation they spent in your lovely and clean home. No better way to attract customers than with word of mouth.

Always ready for new guests

If your vacation home isn’t ready to host new guests because you’re lagging behind on cleaning then you’re losing precious capital generating potential. With faster cleaning, your home will be ready to rent without any time wasted.

Think of yourself as a guest in a rented vacation home. In addition to all the basic amenities, you would want it to be spotless as if no one ever lived there before. On finding that, you’ll leave good reviews about the vacation rental online, and you’ll also tell your family and friends about it.

This is what Eco Natural Cleaning can do for you. Our expertise in cleaning and the use of the latest technology can boost your business. We will examine your property, listen to your needs and make recommendations based on what we find. We customize every cleaning project according to our client, and you can count on us to fulfill your vision.